CSE software

SISSA mathLab contributes to the development of software in computational science and engineering.

Here below you can find a list of our open source software already available.


RBniCS is an implementation in FEniCS of several reduced order modelling techniques (and, in particular, certified reduced basis method and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition-Galerkin methods) for coercive problems. It is ideally suited for an introductory course on reduced basis methods and reduced order modelling, thanks to an object-oriented approach and an intuitive and versatiile python interface.

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PyGeM (Python Geometrical Morphing) is a python library using Free Form Deformation to parametrize and morph complex geometries.

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WaveBEM is an opensource software for ship hydrodynamics simulations currently under development at SISSA mathLab.

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EZyRB is a python library for the Model Order Reduction based on baricentric triangulation for the selection of the parameter points and on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for the selection of the modes.

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ITHACA-FV (In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications for Finite Volumes) is C++ library based on the finite volume solver OpenFOAM . It consists of the implementation of several reduced order modeling techniques for parametrized problems. 

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multiphenics is a python library that aims at providing tools in FEniCS for an easy prototyping of multiphysics problems on conforming meshes. In particular, it facilitates the definition of subdomain/boundary restricted variables and enables the definition of the problem by means of a block structure.

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