PINA: Physics-Informed Neural networks for Advance modeling


Physics Informed Neural network for Advanced modeling (PINA) is an open-source Python library providing an intuitive interface for solving differential equations using PINNs, NOs or both together. Based on PyTorch and PyTorchLightning, PINA offers a simple and intuitive way to formalize a specific (differential) problem and solve it using neural networks. The approximated solution of a differential equation can be implemented using PINA in a few lines of code thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface.

PINA is freely available under the MIT License.

  • Download the source code at
  • Check the GitHub page to see how to cite it and the last works made possible by the package

PINA is currently developed and maintained at SISSA mathLab by

under the supervision of Prof. Gianluigi Rozza.

Contact us by email for further information or questions about PINA, or suggest pull requests.