Master thesis, post-grad/pre-doc and PhD programs

Master thesis projects for graduate students (in applied math, data science, mathematical, physical, enviromental, civil, structural, aerospace, mechanical and naval engineering) are available under the supervision or co-supervision of SISSA mathLab professors and/or researchers.

We can host pre-lauream students from other universities thanks to SISSA dedicated initiatives for graduate students  (more info) and to Erasmus Plus EU Project (more info).

Examples of available topics:

  • Iso-Geometric Analysis and Boundary Element Methods (contact Dr Luca Heltai, more info  for additional projects)
  • Mechanics of Biology Motility (contact Prof. Antonio De Simone, more info for additional projects)
  • Reduced Order Modelling for parametrized PDEs (reduced basis methods, proper orthogonal decomposition), Optimization and Control, Computational Fluid Mechanics, multiphysics and coupled problems, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation, machine learning, numerical analysis of PDEs (contact Prof. Gianluigi Rozza, more info for additional projects)
  • Continuum Mechanics (contact Dr Giovanni Noselli, more info for additional projects)
  • Finite Element Methods and Virtual Element Methods (contact Dr Andrea Cangiani, more info for additional projects)

Post grad/pre-doc opportunities at SISSA: more info

PhD opportunities within SISSA mathLab: more info

Joint Phd opportunities SISSA mathLab - TU/Eindhoven Applied Physics: more info