Research Staff

Valentina Damioli

Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications

Office number 438, Santorio A
Phone: +39 040 3787-446
Email: vdamioli (at)

Alberto Della Noce

Postdoctoral researcher. Project PRIN NA_FROM_PDEs

Nicola Demo

Master in High Performance Computing (2016)

Office number 709, Santorio A
Phone: +39 040 3787-286
Email: ndemo (at)

Arash Hajisharifi

Postdoctoral researcher.

Electrolux project.

Martin Hess

Office number 434, Santorio A
Phone: +39 040 3787-491
Email: mhess (at)

Wenyu Lei

Office number 701, Santorio A
Phone: +39 040 3787-479
Email: wlei (at)


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