December 2017

FARE grants announced to Prof. Gianluigi Rozza: SISSA press release

September 2017

Daniele Agostinelli, Saddam Hijazi, Monica Nonino, Federico Pichi are officially mathLab Phd students (2nd year)

May 2017

FSE HEaD projects start: Mr Nicola Demo joins the FINCANTIERI-SISSA project within FSE HEaD

April 2017

SOPHYA and PRELICA projects start. POR-FESR projects by Region FVG and MARE tc FVG, in cooperation with UniTS, MonteCarloYachts and CETENA/Fincantieri

May-December 2016

H2020 ERC CoG AROMA-CFD starts: we welcome a new post-doctoral team for RBniCS and ITHACA: Dr Giovanni Stabile for FV, Dr Martin Hess for SEM, Dr Francesco Ballarin for FEM and Mr Marco Tezzele as post-master associate resercher.

March 2016

We welcome Federico Pichi from University of Rome, La Sapienza at SISSA for his master thesis.

February 2016

We welcome Silke Glas from University of Ulm as visiting PhD student in the framework of EU MORNET COST action.

September 2015

We welcome Mladjan Radic from University of Ulm as visiting PhD student in the framework of EU MORNET COST action.

July 2015

A new book "Certified Reduced Basis Methods for Parametrized Partial Differential Equations" by Jan Hesthaven, Gianluigi Rozza and Benjamin Stamm is available in the Springer Briefs in Mathematics collection. This book has also a companion software RBniCS (Python+FEniCS), available on this webpage and developed at SISSA mathLab.

June 2015

SISSA mathLab is hosting for summer 2015 four students from MIT (Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering) in the framework of IROP (International Research Opportunities Program) MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives). We welcome Sitara Persad, Hallie Voulgaris, Cristina Mata and Zach Churukian".