External Collaborators

Nirav Vasant Shah

Office number 731, Santorio A
Phone: +39 040 3787-291
Email: snirav (at) sissa.it

Giovanni Corsi

Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications

Former Research Fellow.
Office number: 605, Santorio A
Email: gcorsi (at) sissa.it

Sokratia Georgaka

Visiting PhD Student from Imperial College, London, UK (2018)

Stefano Lorenzi

Former visiting Phd student from Politecnico di Milano, CESNEF, Dec.2014-July 2015, currently at CESNEF Politecnico di Milano

Filippo Salmoiraghi

Former Research Fellow.
Email: filippo.salmoiraghi (at) sissa.it

Alessandro Lucantonio

External Collaborator in Structural Mechanics (Researcher RTDA) from Scuola superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa.

Email: alessandro.lucantonio (at) sissa.it
Personal Webpage

Nicola Giuliani

Master in High Performance Computing (2015)

Email: ngiuliani (at) sissa.it
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