bitpit: a numerical sandpit for bridging scientific computing and industrial applications


Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 - 14:30

Speaker: Dr. Haysam Telib (Optimad, spinoff Politecnico di Torino)

Room: SISSA - Santorio A - room 134

Traditionally scientific computing is being delivered to industry by means of packaged software with pre-defined functionalities, developed, maintained and delivered by independent software vendors. Within this approach, vendors will pick promising research results obtained by accademia which fit their development plans and integrated them into their software. Contemporarily, a lot of research results in the field of mathematical modelling and numerical methods remain unexplored, since accademia may not address autonomously all the efforts which are necessary in order to transform a numerical proof-of-concept even into a prototype to be tested in an industrial framework. bitpit is a communicating collection of open-source C++ libraries and interfaces to third party libraries, which aims at helping the scientific computing community to deliver easily a first prototype of their application to industry. The general design philosophy is to transfer complexity from humans to the machines by relying massively on HPC resources: easy but scalable algorithms are preferred over highly-optimised variants even if they may perform better on workstation-like computers. The different layers of bitpit read: Interfaces (PETSc, LAPACK, DAKOTA); FileIO (CAD and image formats and visualisation); Computational Geometry (explicit and implicit representation of surfaces, boolean operators, parameterisation and deformation, discrete mappings); Discretization (Adaptive Octree grids, Unstructured grids, Cartesian grids and polymorphic interface); Solvers (Immersed Boundaries Compressible Fluid solver, Crowd dynamics); ROM (POD-based, Domain decomposition). Within this talk the general architecture of the bitpit framework and the state of its implementations will be illustrated. Furthermore applications from the automotive and aeronautical industry as well as from urban planning will be presented.