BladeX - Python Package for Blade Deformation

BladeX is a Python package for geometrical parametrization and bottom-up construction of propeller blades. It allows to generate and deform a blade based on the radial distribution of its parameters such as pitch, rake, skew, and the sectional foils' parameters such as chord and camber. The package is ideally suited for parametric simulations on large number of blade deformations. It provides an automated procedure for the CAD generation, hence reducing the time and effort required for modelling.

The main scope of BladeX is to deal with propeller blades, nevertheless it can be easily extended towards further applications with analogous geometrical structures such as aircraft wings, turbomachinery, or wind turbine blades.

BladeX is freely available under the MIT License.

If you use the package please cite it as follows:

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BladeX is currently developed and mantained at SISSA mathLab by

under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Mola and Prof. Gianluigi Rozza.

This open source product is a deliverable in the framework of the project PRELICA: Advanced Methodologies for Hydro-acoustic Design of Naval Propulsion.