Flow in porous media: an application to CO2 sequestration


Wednesday, 25 February, 2015 - 11:30

Speaker: Marco De Paoli (University of Udine - Multiphase Flow Laboratory)

Room: SISSA - Santorio A - room 134

Global energy consumption has doubled in the last forty years, and there is no trend to drop. A major proportion of this consumption (80%) comes from the combustion of fossil fuels, with 32 GT per year of carbon dioxide. Such emissions have led to a corresponding increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, likely responsible for the concomitant global average temperature rise (greenhouse effect). With this trend showing no sign of change, remedy to this global problem is still a debated question, and capture and storage CO2 emissions was identified as a possible remedy. In this study we focus on the solubility trapping, a mechanism involved into the CO2 sequestration in geological reservoirs. We performed 2D Direct Numerical Simulations with a pseudo-spectral code, investigating the physics of different coherent structures involved and particularly their influence on the CO2 dissolution rate.