Growth on an elastic body on a rigid support: the treadmilling regime


Monday, 27 April, 2015 - 16:00

Speaker: Giuseppe Tomassetti (University of Roma Tor Vergata)

Room: SISSA - Santorio A - room 133


Motivated by experiments on acting growth on spherical beads, we consider a problem involving surface accretion of an elastic body on the surface of a rigid sphere, with particle supply being provided by the flux of a diffusing species taking place in the entire space. The peculiarity of the growth process we consider is that material particles are added at the interface between the body and the rigid support, and removed at the outer surface. In particular, we investigate the so-called "treadmilling regime", when the addition of material at the inner surface is balanced by its removal at outer surface. It turns out that the delicate interplay between stress, diffusion, and accretion can be described in terms of a configurational stress that combines chemical potential with an Eshelby-type contribution. This work is in collaboration with R. Abeyaratne and T. Cohen (MIT).