ITHACA-DG - In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

ITHACA-DG (In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications for Spectral Element Methods) is C++ library based on the solver HopeFOAM, which is a major extension of OpenFOAM to the Discontinuous Galerkin Method. 

ITHACA-DG consists of the implementation of reduced order modeling techniques for parametrized problems. ITHACA-DG can also be used as a basis for more advanced projects that would like to assess the capability of reduced order models.

ITHACA-DG requires a HopeFOAM-0.1 installation as well as Eigen for the matrix decompositions. The Eigen header files are part of the ITHACA-DG package.

ITHACA-DG is currently developed and mantained at SISSA mathLab by Dr. Andrea Lario under the supervision of Prof. Gianluigi Rozza.

Contact us by email for further information or questions about ITHACA-DG. ITHACA-DG is at an early development stage, so contributions improving either the code or the documentation are welcome.

ITHACA-DG is freely available under the MIT License

This open source product is a deliverable in the framework of the project FARE x AROMA-CFD.