multiphenics - easy prototyping of multiphysics problems in FEniCS


multiphenics is a python library that aims at providing tools in FEniCS for an easy prototyping of multiphysics problems on conforming meshes. In particular, it facilitates the definition of subdomain/boundary restricted variables and enables the definition of the problem by means of a block structure.

Support for FEniCSx is available in the new multiphenicsx library. New and existing users of FEniCS and multiphenics are encouraged to gradually move to FEniCSx and multiphenicsx.

multiphenics is freely available under the GNU LGPL, version 3.

multiphenics is currently developed and maintained at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart by Dr. Francesco Ballarin in collaboration with Prof. Gianluigi Rozza's group at SISSA mathLab. The financial support of the AROMA-CFD ERC CoG project is gratefully acknowledged.