Computational and geometrical reduction strategies for the simulation, control and optimization of complex systems

NOFYSAS SISSA Excellence grant 2012-2014

The project deals with the study and development of numerical techniques to reduce computational and geometrical complexities in systems governed by parametrized partial differential equations. From the computational point of view, reduced order modeling techniques will be further developed, focusing on reduced basis methods and/or proper orthogonal decomposition techniques, in order to get accurate, reliable and efficient methods.

From the geometrical point of view, the efforts will be devoted to extend the development of versatile methods to represent and parametrize also complex geometries, as those considered in applied shape optimization problems, as well as free-boundary problems. Related aspects will deal with the study of efficient techniques for the solution of optimal control and/or inverse problems also for parameter identication.

The developed techniques will be applied in computational mechanics to solve problems arising, for example, in haemodynamics, but useful also in aeronautics, naval engineering, hydrodynamics and more generally in fluid mechanics, with special interest towards multi-physics setting.


Prof Gianluigi Rozza


MOX, Politecnico di Milano; CMCS-EPFL; MIT CCE; MoRePas