Underwater Blue Efficiency - UBE

The project investigates digital simulation methods for the state of exhaust emission particles, from the engine to detachment from the hull, and then tries different geometries and virtual hydro-aerodynamic appendices and, finally, define the optimal geometries for the exhaust manifold for the purposes of hydrodynamic and environmental emissions efficiency. The expected results are:
• an innovative configuration of the exhaust manifold
• high-fidelity and simplified methods for the prediction of its performance.

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People involved at SISSA mathLab: Prof. Antonio De Simone, Prof. Gianluigi Rozza, Mr Filippo Salmoiraghi

Academic Partners: University of Udine and  Politecnico di Torino

Industrial Partners: MCY, MICAD, OPTIMAD, EIDON LAB, Cergol Eng., DLM

Some examples of geometry modification through FreeForm Deformation