A Certified Reduced Basis Method for Linear Parametrized Parabolic Optimal Control Problems in Space-Time Formulation




Strazzullo, M. and Ballarin, F. and Rozza, G.

In this work, we propose to efficiently solve time dependent parametrized optimal control problems governed by parabolic partial differential equations through the certified reduced basis method. In particular, we will exploit an error estimator procedure, based on easy-to-compute quantities which guarantee a rigorous and efficient bound for the error of the involved variables. First of all, we propose the analysis of the problem at hand, proving its well-posedness thanks to Nečas - Babuška theory for distributed and boundary controls in a space-time formulation. Then, we derive error estimators to apply a Greedy method during the offline stage, in order to perform, during the online stage, a Galerkin projection onto a low-dimensional space spanned by properly chosen high-fidelity solutions. We tested the error estimators on two model problems governed by a Graetz flow: a physical parametrized distributed optimal control problem and a boundary optimal control problem with physical and geometrical parameters. The results have been compared to a previously proposed bound, based on the exact computation of the Babuška inf-sup constant, in terms of reliability and computational costs. We remark that our findings still hold in the steady setting and we propose a brief insight also for this simpler formulation.