A POD-Galerkin reduced order model for a LES filtering approach


Journal of Computational Physics




Girfoglio, M. and Quaini, A. and Rozza, G.

We propose a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)-Galerkin based Reduced Order Model (ROM) for an implementation of the Leray model that combines a two-step algorithm called Evolve-Filter (EF) with a computationally efficient finite volume method. The main novelty of the proposed approach relies in applying spatial filtering both for the collection of the snapshots and in the reduced order model, as well as in considering the pressure field at reduced level. In both steps of the EF algorithm, velocity and pressure fields are approximated by using different POD basis and coefficients. For the reconstruction of the pressures fields, we use a pressure Poisson equation approach. We test our ROM on two benchmark problems: 2D and 3D unsteady flow past a cylinder at Reynolds number 0≤Re≤100. The accuracy of the reduced order model is assessed against results obtained with the full order model. For the 2D case, a parametric study with respect to the filtering radius is also presented.