Projection-based reduced order models for a cut finite element method in parametrized domains


Computers and Mathematics with Applications




Karatzas, E.N. and Ballarin, F. and Rozza, G.

This work presents a reduced order modeling technique built on a high fidelity embedded mesh finite element method. Such methods, and in particular the CutFEM method, are attractive in the generation of projection-based reduced order models thanks to their capabilities to seamlessly handle large deformations of parametrized domains and in general to handle topological changes. The combination of embedded methods and reduced order models allows us to obtain fast evaluation of parametrized problems, avoiding remeshing as well as the reference domain formulation, often used in the reduced order modeling for boundary fitted finite element formulations. The resulting novel methodology is presented on linear elliptic and Stokes problems, together with several test cases to assess its capability. The role of a proper extension and transport of embedded solutions to a common background is analyzed in detail.