Reduced-order semi-implicit schemes for fluid-structure interaction problems


Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems, P. Benner, M. Ohlberger, A. Patera, G. Rozza, and K. Urban (eds.), Springer International Publishing, p. pp. 149–167




F. Ballarin, G. Rozza, and Y. Maday

POD–Galerkin reduced-order models (ROMs) for fluid-structure interaction problems (incompressible fluid and thin structure) are proposed in this paper. Both the high-fidelity and reduced-order methods are based on a Chorin-Temam operator-splitting approach. Two different reduced-order methods are proposed, which differ on velocity continuity condition, imposed weakly or strongly, respectively. The resulting ROMs are tested and compared on a representative haemodynamics test case characterized by wave propagation, in order to assess the capabilities of the proposed strategies.

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