PyGeM - Python library for Geometrical Morphing

PyGeM is a python library using Free Form Deformation to parametrize and morph complex geometries. It is ideally suited for actual industrial problems, since it allows to handle:

  • Computer Aided Design files (in .iges, .step, and .stl formats)
  • Mesh files (in .unv, Elmer, and OpenFOAM formats)
  • Output files (in .vtk format)
  • LS-Dyna Keyword files (.k format)

By now, it has been used with meshes with up to 14 milions of cells. Try with more and more complicated input files!

PyGeM is freely available under the MIT License.

If you use the package please cite it as follows:

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PyGeM is currently developed and mantained at SISSA mathLab by

under the supervision of Prof. Gianluigi Rozza.

Contact us by email for further information or questions about PyGeM, or suggest pull requests.