Validation of an open source framework for the simulation of blood flow in medical devices


Wednesday, 16 July, 2014 - 14:30

Speaker: Annalisa Quaini (University of Houston)

Room: SISSA - Santorio A - room 133


We discuss the validation of an open source framework for the solution of problems arising in hemodynamics. The framework is assessed through experimental data for fluid flow in an idealized medical device with rigid boundaries. The core of the framework is an open source parallel finite element library that features several algorithms for fluid problems. The numerical results for the flow in the idealized device are in good quantitative agreement with the measured axial components of the velocity and pressures for flow rates corresponding to laminar, transitional, and turbulent regimes. A detailed account of the methods is provided. In particular, we report on results obtained with both Direct Numerical Simulation and filter stabilization techniques, the latter being used to model and extract the energy lost to resolved scales when the mesh is under-resolved.