Digital Twins Development for Industry 4.0


This announcement is aimed to promote, through research paths focused on the exploring of scientific areas related to the new needs caused by the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and at the same time to consolidate the development of relations between the public research system and the regional economic and system. In particular:

  •  at strengthening the scientific system of Friuli Venezia Giulia and its attractiveness, even at an international level;
  •  at promoting the relationships between the university and research system and the economic, productive and social network;
  • at supporting the aforementioned production system in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the process of social, cultural, health and economic change resulting from the impact of the pandemic in progress in line with the programmatic plans established by Regione FVG;
  • at contributing to the employment integration of the recipients, included from the early stages of their training courses in projects of high scientific value.

In details, this position has a specific applicative character and has been defined through an internal call in SISSA, because of the impact and potential technology transfer of the applications identified as object of research. As regards the proposed research activity, it will focus on the development of digital twins within the Live Demo FVG of SMACT competence center (Triveneto), based on HPC, data science, scientific computing and integrated with augmented intelligence. The final purpose is the creation of portable libraries at the service of the productive world for the creation of digital twins of products or industrial processes and their integration with physical / mathematical models, sensors for data assimilation and machine learning techniques. By taking part in SISSA's participation in SMACT CC and in collaboration with the latter, it intends to give an innovative boost to the diffusion of digital technologies of Industry 4.0 for the study and optimization of industrial processes and products thanks to calculation, which is considers it particularly central in this post-COVID19 phase.

For more information visit the official call webpage.