Projects list

Here below you can find the list of our projects.

Underwater Blue Efficiency - UBE

The project investigates digital simulation methods for the state of exhaust emission particles, from the engine to detachment from the hull, and then tries different geometries and virtual hydro-aerodynamic appendices and, finally, define the optimal geometries for the exhaust manifold for the purposes of hydrodynamic and environmental emissions efficiency. The expected results are:
• an innovative configuration of the exhaust manifold
• high-fidelity and simplified methods for the prediction of its performance.


The project aims to develop a computational ecosystem for industrial environments in which to tackle the hydrodynamic design of the hull-propeller system. Based on high-performance computing infrastructure integrated with innovative remote viewing technologies, the ecosystem will allow instant viewing of the pre- and post-processing of large amounts of data generated by high-resolution CFD simulations. The ecosystem developed will solve the problems identified in the project OpenSHIP and its adoption by the industry will be promoted.


Simulazioni di fluidodinamica computazionale (CFD) di alta qualità per le previsioni di prestazioni idrodinamiche del sistema carena-elica in ambiente OpenSOURCE.

MathLCEs 2012

Pattern formation in stretching experiments of liquid crystal elastomers: stripe domains and polydomain textures

MathLCEs 2011

Mathematical and numerical modeling of Liquid Crystal elastomer phase transition and deformation


Brain Biomechanics using the Finite Element Immersed Boundary Method: Application to Hydrocephalus